On What Wrist Should You Wear the Watch?

8 Mar

A wristwatch is a classic accessory that has been popular down through the decades, since it is useful as well as fashionable. Although fewer people these days wear watches because they almost always have a cell phone handy that will display the time, a watch is still considered a stylish accessory that will complete the wardrobe of any man or woman. Deciding to wear a watch conveys the idea that you are detail-oriented and pulled together down to the finishing touches. It is a classic, old-school style that looks professional as well as fashionable, and it does tend to be favored by the wealthy, so it also gives an impression of money and class. Buy the watches from the list of watchamania.com: mens watches under 500. Therefore, it’s understandable and admirable if you want to wear a watch, but upon which wrist should you wear it?

WatchThe general school of thought on this matter is that you should wear the wristwatch on your non-dominant hand. That is to say, if you are right-handed, you should wear the watch on your left wrist, and vice versa. The reason for this is that you will tend to use your dominant hand to do more things, and every time you make a move with your arm or hand, you stand the chance of knocking the watch against something and breaking the crystal or damaging it in some other way. The likelihood of this happening diminishes by wearing the watch on your non-dominant hand. Since it is the hand you use less often, the chances of hitting the watch into something will be vastly reduced. After all, the less it is moved around, the safer it will be!

Another reason to wear the watch on your non-dominant hand is that you might find writing a bit uncomfortable if the watch is on your writing hand. It can weigh down your hand a bit or interfere with the smooth movement of your hand across the writing surface. Lastly, if the watch is on the wrist of your non-dominant hand, it is much easier to wind the watch or adjust the watch hands while wearing the watch, as you will certainly tend to use your dominant hand for this.

Now you see the logic of wearing your watch on the non-dominant wrist, and you can be comfortable knowing that your watch will be safer and more comfortable in that position. Congratulations on making the fashionable choice to wear this classic timekeeping accessory!

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Make Those Fleas Flee! (For Dogs)

25 Jun

You noticed that your dog hasn’t been able to stop scratching for some time now. He just can’t seem to keep his foot on the ground! So what can you do?

First Things First

dog fleaThere is a chance that your dog is having trouble with dry skin instead. Or, if he is scratching his ears, that could mean ear mites, or an ear and throat infection of some kind. If he’s scratching or licking other parts of his body, he could be having a food allergy or some other kind of irritation. So make sure that those fleas really are fleas.

Fleas vary in size. They have flat bodies and they jump. They don’t have any wings.

If you don’t see any obvious fleas, then you should look for flea feces on your dog. It may collect on your dog’s skin and then start to look like little clusters of dirt.

After You’ve Determined That It’s Fleas

So you’ve inspected your dog, and it turns out he does have fleas. So, now what?

A very important step to take is to kill the larvae. Choose a pesticide that contains a larvae-killing chemical. Some examples are methoprene or pyriproxyfen. Then your dog will be on the way to becoming, and staying, flea-free.

After applying spot-on flea and tick treatment, your dog shouldn’t be bathed for 4-5 days. This is because most of these kinds of treatments have to migrate into the subcutaneous layer of fat on your dog. This process makes your dog’s skin uninhabitable for fleas and their eggs.

Don’t Bathe Your Dog Too Soon

If you bathe your dog too soon, then the natural oils that carry the treatment into the previously mentioned layer of fat won’t be enough for your dog. You also may end up washing away all the medication.

Should your dog have fleas, immediately apply the medication to him. Over-the-counter flea killers will help your dog to get rid of the flea infestation within about 6 hours. After about a week’s time, then you can go ahead and give your dog a bath, with flea killing shampoo. However, try not to use too much of the shampoo. It can dry up your dog’s skin. Keep in mind that fleas are little parasites that really bother your dog. They cause your dog to be very itchy, so be gentle with his skin.

After Applying Medication, Before Bathing The Dog

During the time between these two steps, maybe use a flea comb and go through your dog’s fur with it. Have a bowl of water with soap by you. If you scoop up a flea or some flea eggs, then you can drown them in the bowl of water and continue combing.

After you’ve applied the spot-on treatment, begin the following.

Treat Your Home for Fleas

Thoroughly vacuum your home, including hard floors. After that, seal your vacuum cleaner bag in plastic before discarding it. It would be a good idea to sprinkle some borax onto the carpets you plan on vacuuming. Allow the borax to sit overnight, and then you can vacuum it up. This is a nice, safe way to suffocate the fleas that could be lurking in the carpet. It also causes them to become sluggish so it’s easier to pick them up with the vacuum cleaner.

Wash your dog’s bed in hot water. If possible, dry it in a hot dryer too. Some synthetic beds melt in the dryer, so think carefully. If this could happen, it’s better to just replace it.

If, after all of this, you continue to find fleas throughout the house, then now would be a good time to see about hiring an exterminator. If you can’t afford to, then you can get a DIY spray or fog kit. Make sure you read the labels. Some flea killing chemicals can be dangerous for birds, fish, and children.

Keep them from happening!

Logically, this is the best thing to do. Take your pets to a veterinarian every month to get treated with a recommended spot-on flea repellant. If you live in an area full of fleas, then you should probably put a flea collar on your dog when he goes outdoors. Take it off when he’s inside.

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